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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Banker's rhyme

Courtesy of my friend - the banker who is too shy to use his name.

This poem will likely be short, Compared with usual size. These days I am more into sport Than chasing a poetry prize.

Plus, everyone’s cutting expenses, And so – to follow the trend – I’ll have to cut down on pencils And time I am able to spend.

It feels like the year has been taxing (Or that’s what we’ve read in the press) – Some bankers are now relaxing, Economies are in a mess,

The sterling has never been lower, Stock markets have plunged in a trough, At Harrods the trading is slower, Cost cutting is huge. It is tough!

If only the Founding Fathers Could see how bad it would get – The news of collapsed Lehman Brothers, Insolvencies, crises and debt,

GM is in public possession (Well, this is what they have proposed!), Most countries have entered recession, With lay-offs no longer opposed.

Toyota has witnessed first losses, You can’t get the credit required. Where ARE all these capable bosses? – Took pension, sold out and retired?

Enough. This is very depressing! I’d rather change rhythm with your blessing. Perhaps, this unparalleled drama Will soon be all over – Obama

Is going to start his new function! He knows where to move from this junction. Don’t worry – the path may be curled But Brown is “saving the world”!

This logic appears quite weak. Yet, outlook isn’t that bleak: Let’s think of some other dimensions, Beyond the accepted conventions.

The world has gone terribly flat. It’s time to get rid of some fat, Scrub down the Ponzi tattoo, And slash the released CO2.

We are in a different mood, But will our world be less good? Less interesting, bright or romantic? Will weather get worse in Atlantic?

Credit crunch has hit the money, What has changed in other spheres? Will the pastures be less sunny? Are there any fewer deer(s)?

Will the standards drop at school? Will the beds become less soft? Is still leading Liverpool? Will go bankrupt Microsoft?

None of this will happen yet, Armageddon is no threat! Road ahead is very clear: We will hardly disappear!

The boom has lasted more than ever But led some countries into fever. They will recover, no doubt. Just panic not – we’ll get through drought!

Remember when you had a break? It’s what our markets need to take. Without further hesitation, Let’s let the Progress take vacation!


L. Julius Maximus said...

Deyirəm ki, görəsən bu bankiri ümumdünya maliyyə böhranımı belə ilhama gətirib? ;-)

Sorry, I couldn't translate my comment into English :-)

L. Julius Maximus said...

Sorry, uje ümumdünya iqtisadi böhranı :-)

Hazar Nesimi said...

Yeni Il Mubarək Olsun Əli bey
gorunur ki, siz Bakida yaşayirsiniz?

L. Julius Maximus said...

Bəli, Bakıda yaşayıram :)
Sizin də Yeni il bayramınız mübarək! Neçə belə illərə!