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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So what?

Apologies for not writing too much on my blog, but - as with any other novelty - it wears out. I have got other things on my plate, but will try to contribute as much as i can in the remainder of 2008. Wish all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Back in Blighty people need to cheer up - things are not as hard as the media is now portraying. Just not so long go it was all hunky dory and get rich quick, but now all is gloom in doom and TV presenters are getting orgasmic discussing falling shares, tumbling banks and job losses. TV is truly disgusting thing. One cheerful thing of course was Dubya press conference, where he entertained us with successful boot-ducking. Good job George!

Here in Azerbaijan we are marching towards an uncertain future, happy an uninformed as we can be. Oil is still a blessing and not a curse for us at 50$ but can become a curse at 30$.


Riri said...

Did you have a chance to look around the sales? Am dying for a pair of boots and a nice coat.

Phil Marx said...

Of course, one man's (or nation's) curse is another's blessing. Gasoline here in my mid-western American city was over $4.00/Gal just a few months ago. Last week it dropped as low as $1.46 before rising back up a bit. And just think, I was actually about to sell off my 6MPG SUV.