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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

To Women of Iran

This one is from Parvin Etesami - one of the great Persian poets of early 20c century.

A home without a woman lacks amity and affection.
When one's heart is cold, the soul is dead in fear.

Providence nowhere has decreed in any holy book or in discourse
that excellence is man's, impurity is woman's share.

Simplicity, and purity, and being chaste are gems.
Mined gems are not the only brilliant jewels here

What is the use of golden cage if one inside is ignorant and weak?
Gold and jewels will not cover up this faulty atmosphere

Only the robe of abstinence can mask shortcomings of the heart
The robe of passion and conceit is worse than one you have in here

A woman who is pure will never be humiliated, even once
That which is pure crystal will rebuke all hate and fear

Chastity is a treasure, a woman its guard, against the wolf of lust.
Woe if she knows not rules, nor measure of the wolf to fear.

The Devil never will attend the table of your Piety as guest.
He knows that that is no place of feasting. and he will steer clear

Walk on the straight path, since on the alleys crooked
you'll find no provision or a guidance, only remorse, my dear.

Your Hearts and eyes - they need a veil, the veil of chastity.
Worn out Hijab is not the basis of faith in Islam, I am saying clear.

1 comment:

Riri said...

"Only the robe of abstinence can mask shortcomings of the heart"

Indeed. But that should be taken as an invitation to walk about naked though.