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Monday, January 07, 2008

Orthodox Christmas and Russia

I would like to congratulate my Orthodox Christian brethren with the Christmas Holiday, which is today and wish them all of God's blessings. In my country and beyond, these wonderful hard working people contributed to the development of Eurasian landmass, build where no one could, dared to go where no one would, and persevered during Dark Times as no one could have. Unimaginable suffering that befell on ordinary russians during last century is no consolation for the future.

I am beyond feeling any retribution or vowing revenge for whatever actions Imperial and Soviet Russia may have commited in the past. I am also quite easily able to distinguish between actions of Putin's Russia and russian citizens of this country and of Russia - I am born of this culture. Today, Russia witnesses a process of merger happening among Soviet, Imperial Russian and Orthodox identities - probably a more powerful and longer lasting than the one which ruled over the old Soviet Union. To be One against the World - both East and West - with not a friend in sight - is the destiny of new Russia as was prophesized by tsars and thinkers alike. Russia is on the verge of another big adventure - it is becoming big powerful and strong once again - there were too many wasted opportunities in the history of this unique country. It is very hard to be a prisoner of Destiny - I wish Russia well and and most of all happiness to its God-loving Christian People.


Riri said...

I've always been fascinated by Russia and the Russians, the people have gone through very harsh times but they managed to somehow preserve dignity, and will to go on and hope for better times. I like the fact that they do not dissolve easily and have the guts to stick to their guns. So I join my voice to yours Nazim, to all the Russian people.

NoolaBeulah said...

I must confess that I find it difficult to have any feelings at all with relation to an entire people. Undoubtedly a result of the anomie of modern capitalist life.

However, no matter how good their novels and music are, the thought of Russia as a state fills me either with depression (what those people put themselves through, and are put through!) and / or fear (sweetness and light are not the words I would associate with them).

Not that I blame Putin for trying to make Russia strong again, but I do wonder what is going to happen when / if they can't maintain their perceived role in the world. They don't go in for the subtle and Azerbaijan is a damn sight closer to them than I'd like to be.

[Once again, a comment completely lacking in the spirit of the post. I'm turning out to be more miserable than our host. I'll just go and read my book and cease bothering people.]

Hazar Nesimi said...

Sweetness and light exactly what I associate with Chaikovsky - albeit with usual Russian tragic despondency. I do not have feelings for every single person - but nations for me are also have qualities -undoubteldy there are "english people", "american" or russian.

Riri said...

A "nation" which engendered the likes of Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky
and Dostoevsky cannot be too bad, good enough for me. Crime and Punishment is certainly among my all time favourites, I just loved the book.

Hazar Nesimi said...

In order to write Crime and Punishmhent you have to be a tortured soul - case in point. But Dostoevsky is probably greatest expert on human soul who ever wrote a novel!

As a state - well we are surviving wedged between two former empires full of messianic ambitions - so far it worked! Just need to be agile!