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Saturday, October 27, 2007

A question of cleavage

A little lighter note with respect to previous posts on a future of the World.

Just yesterday me and my mother were talking to a lady, who shall remain nameless, in a lovely setting of a Chinese restaurant. Subject of the conversation shall also remain nameless, it only suffice to say that it concerned some internal Azeri matters. However what should be made known - and I know the lady does not read this or any other blog - is the cleavage. Yes, I saw what one can consider an full view of the lady's breasts - no disrespect intended. Now, people can accuse me of being a prude - which I am not, for those who know me well - but I thought this quite inappropriate for a setting and a subject of conversation. I fidgeted and fidgeted trying not to notice practically exposed bust, but this was hard to achieve during a conversation since it required looking straight in the face. I could never dream of raising any objections but this made me uncomfortable (which I survived) but the following thoughts arose in my mind. Am I a Muslim bigot unable to stomach a full frontal view of woman's breast in public or there are limits on a behaviour in public, which can be applied to a person of any creed and persuasion. In other words - am I rude for judging her in my mind a certain way, or is she rude in behaving a certain way towards the person she held a conversation with. It also suffices to say, that she did not notice anything or considered her behaviour in any way offensive.


Riri said...

Oh dear!!! Reminds me a certain particular similar incident in a South Ken tea shop!

Riri said...

I would have felt mortified, I really still think female breasts should not be exhibited in public. Even showing cleavage is indecent I feel because it serves the same purpose. That is not because breasts are ugly, unnatural or anything to do with immorality. It is just a question of decency I feel. Everyone knows that breasts have a very strong sexual connection and they just attract men in an undeniably sexual way. Anyone who says it is alright to incite such attention in everyday life and in all sorts of settings is clearly either trying to be funny or trying to seem cool or simply being deviously "cunning" like our friend Noolabeulah said in a previous comment ;-)

What's the fascination with minimal clothing I wonder. And have you noticed that it mostly applies to female clothing?

NoolaBeulah said...

It's not at all cunning (I'll resist the temptation to pun on that word). In part, it's a result of the breakdown of the distinction between public and private that occurred in the Sixties. What should be confined to the home and remain between 2 people has become a public matter.

I would have felt exactly the same, Hazar.