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Sunday, October 28, 2007

And now they show some teeth! But can they bite?

Iraq's foreign minister has warned of serious consequences if Turkey launches a ground assault against Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq. Hoshyar Zebari told the BBC that the current crisis was "dead serious" and accused Turkey of not seeking a peaceful solution. He said Turkey had shown no interest in Iraqi proposals to calm the situation. Mr Zebari said Turkey demanded that Iraq hand over senior members of the PKK sheltering in Iraq, a request he said was impossible to fulfil.

So Iraqis suddenly threaten to attack - sounds ridiculous, but somehow they have amassed enought guts to rebutt Turkey. Now, I must object to Mr Zebari - why is it right to invade Iraq the first time (I assume he believes it is, otherwise he would not be in the government) and not the second time? Terrorists and their camps have to be crushed even if they hide on the territory of the neighbouring country and they are not being handed over. Simple truth that has nothing to do with moral considerations. There is one empire that behaves a certain way, yet does not accept a copycat behaviour. Hey, US even pretends not to understand the reasons behind Turkish behaviour and rejects it as unreasonable.

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Riri said...

Poor Iraqi people! My heart aches for their hardships!