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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Monkey Troubles

Some people have a problem with creationism. Others have a problem with Darwinism, as they call it. I for one do not understand what the big fuss is about. Clearly some need encouragement in their faith, and proliferation of works of Harun Yahya and Co is serving their need.

The Religion that our forefathers gave us - in all Abrahamic faiths- did not force us to shut our minds to external events that may shutter our view of reality as it is. This Religion only values one reality - reality of Life. In fact if they people change their opinions, they were probably not strong enough in their convictions in the first place.

The prophet Adam was in the words of great sage Ibn-Al-Arabi, in his classic work "Fusus Al-Hikam", the first human into whom the spirit of God was instilled . Now, do I care for some other explanations, beyond this one? Who should one care, and yet people constantly create an uproar against something which is a temporary human creation.

On the other hand I pity people who, in trying to protected sacred spiritual traditions, feel complied to attack science on every turn. Science, is in fact only a tool, which, if used properly gives us answers on the factual origins of the world and nothing more. To wait for something else from Science is futile, to expect that it will free us from human condition or destroy it, is futile. But I also pity the people who brandish the flag of science as a new saviour. Scientific theories come and go, opinions change, but Faith, this spiritual cornerstone of all Humanity stays with us. We are only at the forestages of what could be known, in front of us is a vast Unknown universe of Life. Who knows, maybe to the delight of criticics this theory might be shelved as wrong one, or maybe not. But again, does it matter?

It is exceedingly difficult to believe in the world which considers Rationality “good” trait, that fervent belief without proof is worthy of adulation. I think therefore I am, to which I add – I believe therefore I am.

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the goddess said...

i did not find convincing arguments against religion in R Dawkins, neither did i find convincing arguments for it anywhere else. perhaps, the whole point is that it's personal and not clear cut. my rational self still thinks, though, that the main purpose for religion was and still is morality. it is easy now for atheists to say that they don't need a book to tell them what's good and what's bad - but they are a product of thousands of years of religious indoctrination and without realising it their morality is rooted in faith.