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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Describing Undescribable

Random "heavy" thought of the day. In turn, heavily borrowed from the concept of wahdat-al-wujud of the great Sage - Ibn-al-Arabi. Sometimes I ponder why I am spending my time on this planet. thinking about the uncomprehensible nature of my Creator and Sustainer.The only answer I can think of , is the following: since everything is of and from Him, my careless thoughts are as well. We have been created curious and wanting to know more. For the Guidance is a tricky path to the Guided. But what is of the Guide?

God Himself is indescribable (nothing which has an opposite can be ascribed to Him, since that would be limiting Him to human concepts) and is not a being, in fact, is beyond all categories of being and non-being alike. However, from God emerges his Word (kalmia), ‘Be!’, which brings into existence Universal Intellect, perfect in potentiality and actuality. Intellect contains all being within itself, with no time or space, all opposites with no differentiation. Intellect enjoys a worshipful intimacy with God and a perfection born of this intimacy. From this worship, emerges Universal Soul, perfect in potentiality but not in actuality, because it is separated from God by Intellect. Universal Soul recognises this separation, desires the perfection enjoyed by Intellect, and moves to approach closer to God. With these three actions, and its movement seeking perfection, Soul introduces the first movement into the entire structure, thus also time and place. The entire cosmos has thus been set into motion, and with it the oppositions of hot, cold, wet, dry, and from them the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. From these elements arise first the minerals, then the plants, then the animals, and finally, the summit of physical creation, human beings, embedded within whom are individual intellects and individual souls manifesting the same characteristics (but on an smaller level) as the universals. In fact, the entire cosmos is laid down on a matrix orf Intellect and Soul; everything within it displays the original intelligence and drive exhibited by the original duo.


CatWoman said...

If you like reading. I think that you would really like the book On The Fifth Day by AJ Hartley.
Check it out and let me know. You can check out reviews about it on Amazon.

Hazar Nesimi said...

Hello Catwoman. Books sounds too Da Vinci Code'sque to me. But maybe it is good. Have you read it. On similar subjects I usually read Umberto Eco - Foucalt Pendulum.

CatWoman said...

Yes I read the book. To me it's way better than DaVinci. I wasn't wowed by DaVinci at all.
I believe in a degree of evolution. But not that I evolved out of a monkey. LOL though some may beg to differ:P
Science disproves that part of evolution practically every year.
Anyway, I leave you with a very fun link for you to chuckle at.

Hazar Nesimi said...

Hilarious. South Park rules!!!