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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Grave mistake and blunder

Turkish prime-minister was too slow to condemn Ghaddafi, and in fact appeared to defend him. I find this outrageous. I think this is one of the first, but most significant strategic blunders by AKP. The West was caught red-handed but fixed their act together, but Turkish goverment should have known better and used Islamic sensibilities to condemn tyrannical nature of the regimes it had to deal with.

Some old-lived anti-Western cliches have been used for too long - now it is time to retire hem and come out not as victim and and a voice of downthrodden, but as a trendsetter and a role model for future societies of the Middle East. There can be no place for such role model in the new order, if it betrays Libyan people in their hour of need either in defense of billions invested into Ghaddafi regime or in some misguided search for Islamic solidarity.

We must move on quickly towards Turkey adopting pro-active chance suggesting physically taking out Ghaddafi and his cronies and providing rebels with ammunition. It should beat Western countries to their own game and go one step further. Turkey must appear to be as stroung on Libya as it is on Israel, there is no time to wide.

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