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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Political Observations

Obama belittles those European leaders, previously arrogant Sarkozy and Merkel; not the least in his support for Turkish EU membership. Intellegent Americans might be pleased to have elected such a man - at least for now.

Europe, no lonber bullied by US into action, looks weaker, divided and petty by the minute. Obama will try cajoling them rather than bullying without changing key American foreign policy aksioms. It is strange to see how roles reversed, between European moral posturing of years ago; does personality matter so much that suddenly enlighthened Europeans look like the have become bigots of the day?

Meanwhile, Western influence diminishes in the world as years go by- and it is to the benefit of everyone to try to adjust to this new reality with a just global order. Obama maybe the first US president to understand it.

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