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Monday, June 15, 2009

How to deal with Iran

Iran as a state always confounds observation - a modern state, religious theocracy with popular yet limited democracy; a state of multiple identities or no identity at all. Islamic Republic of Iran. It is Islamic yet Republic, and Aryan and Persian speaking too. Ultimately it is a state and society which has always frustrated others. Ottomans first, then Russians, French and British - and now the West in general - they were all frustrated in their plans to subjugate the peoples of Persia. Yet Iran, soaked in Shia religion and Persian culture is not a monolith; the gaps between many Irans show well during the times like these.

Old Persian strenght lay in ability to frustrate plans, complicate, scheme and plot against others. Persian state's survival against odds and bravery is admirable. I will not mention democracy, Israeli and Western fears of today, for this is irrelevant to this profoundly un-Europoean state.

Right now, as Aryanist and Shia clergy hybrid Iran stands against a great aspiration of Eurasian political and economic continuum. This aspiration is for Turkish domination in Eurasian space in a distant yet achievable future; it is not a dream of Pan-Turkist nutter. The duel between Russia, Turkey and the West will need to be mediated by peoples of Iran and ultimately will decide the fate of all Muslims.

Iran is a dual state of Turkish and Persian identity. Turkish nation of Iran are not a minority like Kurds or Lurs but coeval founder of Iranian selfhood. Evolution of political and religious thinking in this direction will accomodate varios strands of Iranian society and integrate it back into Turkic-Persian Muslim cultural space. Seljuk Empire of Modernity could be born.

It also needs to be tanglibly demonstrated that Shia religion and Iranian state are not identical twins, as is shown now within the political system of Iran. The falsehood of clerical order build after the Revolution is a mockery of all Shia aspirations to free will, since the times of Imams. Once both Turkish and Persian strands of Islam are integrated, the divide of Islam, which Arabs are unable to cure will be healed over.

Iran needs to end its isolation from the Muslim and Western world and Turks of Iran are instrument to achieve it. Without necessary destruction of geographical space of Iran, the meaning of "Iran" may be profoundly changed.


Phil Marx said...

"Seljuk Empire of Modernity could be born."

Sounds like a grand vision. But what will you do with those who occupy your space but do not share the vision?

Riri said...

A bit optimistic there aren't you.

Could you elaborate on the 'falsity of clerical order' please because it is my understanding that Shia belief structure is firmly based on clarical hierarchy with the 12 imams at the apex of the pyramid enjoying complete immunity from error etc

Hazar Nesimi said...

I know for a fact that clerical order is not incorporated into Twelver Shia (Ithna' Ashari) belief structure. This structure is part of the long process which was given a start in 16th century by centralized Iranian state and culminated in vilayat-al-faqih concept of Khomeini. 12 Imams are Infallible, because they carried Prophet's Holy Blood and Wisdom, but not so mujtahids who are simply normal humans who apply ijtihad to interpret religion and give rulings. Quite a lot of clergy are against the theocracy just google up Grand Ayatollah Montazeri.

Hazar Nesimi said...

Grand visions take generations to unfold, people change. Turks will rule Eurasia at some point, give us a century or two...

Phil Marx said...

Well, if your strategy is to think in terms of centuries, then you shouldn't anticipate much interference from my country. For most Americans, thinking beyond a decade in terms of foreign policy is quite a strain on the mind.