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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Border controls

It is not clear, even to ex-president of Turkey what will the country gain from opening borders with Armenia. It is clear what US, Europe and Armenia gain, but Turkish politics of late are either very clever, one-step-ahead-of-everybody-else type politics or just plain inconsistent. I do not believe that prime minister Erdogan can be duped so easily so I prefer to think of some devilish game, which Turkey - basking in light of Obama visit- started playing.

The US tries to strengthen its positions in Caucasus at the respect of Russia, for greater geopolitical reasons (there are of course sentimental reasons for public too). Improving Turkish-Armenian relationship too early, seriously damages the positions of official Baku, because the solution of the conflict will be postponed indefinetily; this is equal to loss of Qarabagh. Our position is very simple and we want this to be taken into account.

Turkey will gain nothing from improving relations with Armenia unless the occupied territories are released. Turkey will not ever be admitted into EU, nor will it be relieved from accusations of genocide. America needs Turkey for her special position in the Muslim world and Eurasia. America and Europe need Turkey more than ever, although they hate to admit it. Turkey agrees to proceed , but it should proceed warily, knowing that at some point their path diverge. Path to Turkish greatness lies elsewhere.

There is no better choice but to stick to your guns and expand its influence to the East. There is an earnest ally there. Azerbaijan will stand by Turkey, as her faithful ally, if she projects power to the East towards Turkey's proper place as great Eurasian power. Azerbaijan has less to gain if Turkey bows to European wishes or if she becomes Middle Eastern.


Riri said...

Stop this paranoid nonsense. There is ultimately nothing to gain from anything. All these political stratagems are a pantomime to keep the masses amused.

Hazar Nesimi said...

I understand this for politics is the game - although one we have to play with. But we just our land back nothing more nor less.

Riri said...

why do you want it back though? why is it SO important? I have always been quite bemused by your fervent nationalist streak.

Hazar Nesimi said...

Crudely speaking - if you part of the cave is occupied by a different cavemen, you will also display cave nationalism. Especially if this was your favourite part.

Anonymous said...

saying there is 'nothing to gain' is too much. Isn't openness and mutual respect a gain in itself?

I understand that Azerbaijanis want Karabagh back, but will getting it back really change anything? I hear children, who were born after the war, say "Karabagh is the biggest problem our country faces" and "All Armenians are bad people." When the reality is that they rarely leave the region where they live. I think people are over-estimating the value of having Karabagh back.