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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

He is no more

Muslim, I am so sad but also glad that you are back. Hey, even Brits wrote about you.

Let it be known that our soil is the soil to which you belong. Nothing is eternal and our nation will perish one day, but as long as we Azeris remain we will remember you, your sweet songs and your devotion to your Motherland will be remembered. I am happy there is Azerbaijan on the worldmap, for if there was not there would be so much less happiness out there.

Maybe there are better voices in the World and more known , but we do not care in the least. We have given Russia a son - and depth of Russia's love for Magomayev have suprised me - but he returned with his last wish to be buried near his famous grandfather, in whose opera he also sang.

Millions of Soviet women worshipped when You sang Figaro and danced twist. Hysteria of 1960s long past, but all of us remember You for being a Genius. Rest in Peace, Orpheus!

Allah Rehmet Elesim, Muslim Bey!

What to say. It is all in the song. This song.


Riri said...

With a name like that he's better off dead I tell ya. The only worse name I could think of is Jihad. And unfortunately for them, there are quite a few of them!

Hazar Nesimi said...

I cried like a child today, but you are still as cynical as ever. Art is one of things which make us human. Dont be cynical, please.

Riri said...

Cynical? What d'you mean cynical? Cynical how?

Hazar Nesimi said...

Whatever. You should have seen thousands upon thousands of mourners on our streets and the funeral procession. Eh, what can I say...You are from Algeria, you won't understand us.

Riri said...

You love me really. Sometimes I am like a bull in a bleeding China shop but you still love me because redbull gives you wings!

*Remember that people are only too glad to get out and mourn anything (especially if it's called Muslim! Heck, I know if somebody called Muslim died in Algeria, there'll be national mourning for a year). People have nothing better to do. Don't get sucked into this group psychology masquerade. After you've shed one or two tears, come follow me, I'll lead ye to true freedom I will luv!*

Hazar Nesimi said...

Don't worry, i was all emotions and he means a lot to us. He was not just a great singer, he was a good and honourable man. Too often artists are shit characters, for sometimes it is easier for God to grant a talent than grant a real character.

Once Shah of Iran (obviously pre-79)invited him to sing for his wife's birthday and after a great performance of arias and Persian songs was invited for an audience. Shah gave him a stashful of dollars. Magomayev rejected the offer saying - "I am your guest and guests don't get paid".

His position in Soviet court was akin to all those medieval poets who depended on Sultans favours, but through their wit never managed to lose their honour. This a very different to a position of artist in the Western world, where he is free to act, but bound by commercial diktat.

NoolaBeulah said...

I liked the opera clip you linked to. What is it?

(BTW, I'd be very wary of this freedom that Riri is offering.]

Riri said...

Yeah, me too am wary of the freedom am offering! Don't forget that am a commie in disguise!

Hazar Nesimi said...

THe Azeri Opera Ismayil Shah is by his grandfather Muslim Magomayev written in 1916.

Aydin.K said...

Are you sure a nation like Azerbaijani Turks will PERISH?! We don't have any official map in south, but we have not perished!
Arxayinsan ki Azerbaycan Turkleri bir gun aradan gedecekler mi? Biz ki Iran'dayiq hele de mehv olmamishiq!