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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Eid Mubarak

Blessed Ramadan to all! All the Glories of the World I wish to my friends and brothers, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, for indeed in the "eyes" of God (Allah forgive me for assigning attributes to You) shall we be judged according to our thoughts not our words and actions.

Not to be too offensive to modern sensibilities i have found a more acceptable veiled image of the Prophet (saw)

This sixteen-century Persian painting depicts the Night Journey and shows Muhammad seated on Buraq horse, flying from Mecca to Jerusalem with the Angel Gabriel, a mythical event which bounded forever Jerusalem to a Muslim imagination. From the Haram in Jerusalem, Muhammed, according to hadith tradition is said to have ascended the heaven, a perfect act of surrender to God, which became a paradigm for a Islamic spiritual journey


NoolaBeulah said...

Lovely colours.

The form (central figure levitating surrounded by celebrating angels) makes it look like a Christian painting. Change Muhammed for Jesus and no-one would know that it wasn't the ascension.

Hazar Nesimi said...

Jesus did not have the horse though and his ascencion was not a vision! )

Riri said...

Best wishes for Eid. I bet you stuffed yer face with cakes and sugar.

These pictures of the prophet look so weird to me. I have been brought up in a culture where such pictures are absolutely taboo, I never knew they were so common. Like NoolaBeulah, they give me the impression of being more Christian than Muslim, but that is probably because am used to Christian imagery of religious figures, but not Muslim.

Hazar Nesimi said...

Hmm, i was on the other hand quite unaware of possible prohibition, i.e it was talked about as something "followed by fanatics" , for even very religious people here (except Salafi) don't mind paintings. I dont think it is even Shia thing, its more culturally than religiously rooted. Somehow this miniature culture got fused with Islam as well. I dont know why but i suspect Persian and Turkish civilizations never quite made it from image to abstraction, so image driven were they. Just look at berber vs persian carpet designs to see the difference. Strict Geometry versus floral animal designs. Lines and angles versus gentle curves. Both are quite unique to Islamic cultures. I dont think this particular image is "Western" it is quite unique or maybe they blend Western and Oriental Chinese trends (It was en0vogue to show everyone having slanted eyes). I have seen enough icons to say this is uniquely Islamic style.

Miniature painting became a significant Persian form in the 13th century, and the highest point in the tradition was reached in the 15th and 16th centuries in several important schools. The tradition continued, after 17 century under some Western influence and has many modern exponents.

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