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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Russia acts on partition of Georgia.

Medvedev is either completely deluded or maniacally in pursuit of the imperialistic goal; both of these characterisitcs suit his Kremlin master Putin more. Recognizing "independence" of two mafia-run statelets puts Russia on a one-way track to destination unknown.

Mr Medvedev said relations with the West were deteriorating sharply and that a new Cold War could not be excluded, but that Russia did not want one.

Russia can not sustain yet another Cold War, in which it will be swiftly defeated; her people left destitute and all her other conflicts becoming incurable.

Russians have two choices - either take the jump straight into the Cold War and occupy all of Georgia cutting off supplies of energy from Azerbaijan - and in future - Central Asia, or submit to the role of supplier of hydrocarbons to the rich nations of the West and East.

Right now all the moves look to be deafeating for Russia, unless the West abandons NATO enlargement. Liberal newspapers aside, Europe (excluding ever-Russophile French) has taken an anti-Russian stance. Georgians, though, are set to become real losers from this game if things turn out badly.


NoolaBeulah said...

Have a look at this piece by Michael Totten, who's in Georgia at the moment. It accords well with your interpretation of events, and mentions as well the potential for similar trouble in Azerbaijan.

Hazar Nesimi said...

Good one, too many things are happening here on the ground to comment on them all. I dont think we lost Georgia,there is still a chance, for Russians are procrastinating. As usual they have no clear forward plan, except bullying. Next flashpoint will be Ukraine, i gather.

And at the moment - Happy Ramadan to everyone. Relax, all!