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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bear is on the prowl

Russian bear has been awaken by an emboldened Georgia. I usually can find no justification for Russian actions of this sort, but in this case there was a clear enough provocation designed to attract World's attention during the Olympics.

To put it simply, Georgia - and her hyperactive president - has had enough of Russian "peacekeeping" effort in South Ossetia and decided to go through "non-diplomatic channels" to get their territory back.

I'm deeply surprised by the way people in the West interpret the conflict in South Ossetia. Can they really imagine that Russia will not react to this sort of deed in any other, non-Russian, way. For centuries Russia - monarchic, communist or capitalist - came down on her foes with unwarranted brutality at home and abroad. Vengeful Russians even had their enemies hunted like dogs and killed in other countries with impunity. Hunting down enemies - perceived or real - always counted more in Russia than saving lives of her own citizens. Of this mindset Beslan and Nord-ost tragedies are prime examples.

I only wonder what it is that president Saakishvili wanted from this little war, for recover territory he will not. Alliance with NATO is vital for Georgia's survival, however, to protect her westernized orientation, our pipeline routes and all of the West's Central Asian strategy.

The West needs to understand where real existencial threat is for them, but of course being consumed by fear and depression - including fear of Islam and terrorism - will not be able to distinguish a friend from foe and will continue to appease Russia. There is no easy solution.


Riri said...

Ah come on. How can Russians be so naturally violent, there must be another explanation for why they are that way.

I am reminded of our friend Noolabeulah's comment about the US being very mild in comparison to what other would-be world leaders would be (or was it you who made such a comment?).

I am not sure about your point that even capitalist Russia would be no less vengeful - I think capitalism is great for making people less likely to be violent and vengeful.

Could change my mind tomorrow though! Am reading a book entitled Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics by George Reisman and it is tough going but fascinating. It is based on the Austrian School of economics, quite different to the Brit version am accustomed to.

God, am worried am shifting to the right in my political spectrum. Does that mean am maturing or that am simply getting older before my time?

Hazar Nesimi said...

I am not saying Russia is a monster far from it. They are just easily offended and wounded giant, they will obstruct the West anyway they can to prove their point. Russia is not good at making charm offensive. We are getting a lot of Georgian refugees right now, and they are talking about indiscriminate bombing in "Georgian" proper, Georgian airport is bombed to the ground and Russia is blockading Georgia by sea. Was not Russia the first to shout about American invasion of Iraq, international law,etc.. Of course they can not their own duplicity in creating this stupid carnage. F*k them, and the thing is that they will lose face, as usual, because Americans will get involved and Russians will have to withdraw. I think, unless US is gone soft.

Riri said...

Wasn't it Georgia which invaded South Ossetia and the Russians were there as 'peace keepers'?

Hazar Nesimi said...

South Ossetia is a Georgian province with only 50,000 local inhabitans in few mountain villages protected by same number of Russian "peacekeepers". They have been "keeping peace" for 15 years now, not allowing ethnic Georgians access into this peaceful and jolly land. And if one wants to play a religious card, he/she can be surely disappointed. All parties in the conflict are Orthodox Christians. Hehe! (sardonic Muslim grin)

I was against Kosovo from the start, because i knoew it will create precedent for every little village to form a statelet and wage wars.

Hazar Nesimi said...

When writing and criticizing Georgian government over rising conflict in S Osetia, please remember the Beslan school tragedy; how Russian army killed more than 1,100 people (including some 777 children) and poisoned kids during Nordost tragedy 5 year ago. These are the examples what Russian government does to their own civilians? Therefore, it is no surprise that they are bombing peaceful cities and killing people across the whole Georgia.

L. Julius Maximus said...

Cher monsieur,
I have looked up all my dictionaries, and I am desperate! What does prawl mean? Is it something new? Or is it an orthographic mistake?

Hazar Nesimi said...

The act of predation in animals is called a prowl. So here is a mistake

Riri said...

Still Nazim, do you not think that Russia was provoked intentionally and Goergia were bargaining for the war? In the end, Russia is still acting in accordance with International Law as it does have a UN mandate to peace-keep.

What did the georgians expect provoking the Russian bear so affrontly? I wouldn't be surprised if the US was after this, after Kosovo and all, makes sense.

Hazar Nesimi said...

Shit - of course US is heavily involved but this is beside the point. The West is the only protector against Russia for Georgia and probably for us. Name another one! Russia is rebuilding its empire - understandable if one is Russian -bit I prefer to have choices rather than live in new Russia. And Russia has no moral right to peace-keep in Caucasus. Get Russian "peacekeepers in", and they never leave. Also I am totally behind Georgian people 100%, whoever supports them, US, Israel, or devil. They are fighting to get their nation reconstituted. Saakashvili was an idiot to fight Russia, but a brave one.