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Friday, July 11, 2008

The West needs Caspian? Not again!

New cry for help - this time from Guardian. They will not be heeded

I am getting really annoyed by European Energy policy which is incoherent bunch of nonsense. If EU countries want to rely on Russia and do not wish to have a conflicts then they should say so and not ratchet up anti-Russian rhetoric in public, whilst in reality kow towing to Russia. The trouble with EU Commission is that behind the arcane wording it does not really know what it wants. This maybe the difference between EU and US. US does know what it wants to achieve by her policies, however abominable. Europe lost this final target and with it, the ability to achieve.

I think i know the source of EU problems, and not just in area of Energy security. That is it - in the past Europe had a purpose, shared values and expansion, which acquired a momentum after destruction of Soviet block. It was a nice dream of a common European home for countries sharing liberal and democratic values in this corner of the globe. Now it has lost this purpose, and can not function properly, wandering aimlessly from one initivative to the next. This is Europe is fundamentally fearful of its future, it is becoming moribund and less dynamic, it is the organization creating more problems than solutions. It should find its soul again and re-discover the vision based on more than economic principles, and moral posturing to the rest of the world.

Does this Europe "need" the Caspian like a lover needs his beloved? Or is this "need" a more consuming need in the sense of acquisitiveness and of gaining proprietorship -- the fire of avarice? The fire which we will get nothing in return I am afraid - especially because Europe will not be able to provide us with this something, for it has lost the goodwill towards other nations. It is exhausted beast. But the beast still needs the energy to continue on living.

I still, still - for I am speaking from centuries of experiencing a heavy hand - prefer one consumer over the other, maybe just as treacherous, but shall I say - more civil in her manner. I have lost faith in our shared European values but i willl continue to believe that economy and laws of European Union members are worthy of emulation. I do not want us to copy any of the new Russia's ways, beside continuing to enjoy her great culture. Give me another decade to become completely disillusioned and hostile, for the fight is not yet over.

Yours truly,
Reluctant European.


Riri said...

Am fed up with the moralising as well. I swore to myself that I will never EVER moralise to anyone EVER again.

I think most people's view of Europe is romantic rather than realistic. There was a time where Europe stood for something. It just doesn't anymore.

What's the point in insisting that you stand up for something when you do not have the power to achieve it? Pathetic.

NoolaBeulah said...

So, do we all agree then? Europe should be more like the US? At last! (Funny. Just before coming here to read this, I left a comment on Riri's latest bringing up many of the same points. [Great minds working alike? But if great minds work alike, wouldn't mediocre one do the same?[)

Riri said...

Well Noola, I wouldn't go that far mate. The US is a bully, but all things considered, it is not the worst bully history has ever seen> But still, lotsa room for improvement.

I think Europe should be more like, how can I put it...well there's a good one, Europe should be more like me actually. I represent a unique balance between powerfulness, justice, moralizing and greed all served with a pinch of cheekiness to ensure shock and awe political appeal.

Just saying like, ya know...Not saying am perfect mind. Just pointing out the sort of thing Europe should model itself on if it wants to be best thing since sliced US.

As things stand right now, I seem to happen to be it.