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Monday, May 12, 2008

Russia and China

An interesting responce of the European left which underestimates Russia and is ready to accuse Communist China of any sins at any moment. Shrill calls on the left about Tibet and human rights in China. About illegitimate nature of the Chinese regime. Expect them to go far and wide but lead to no result.

An opposite - almost - reaction can be expected from the right of the European political spectrum which loathes Russia and for some reason - maybe hidden - is cautiously optimistic about China. Expect shrieks from the right about Europe's energy dependence on Russia.

An interesting dilemma; this pits a country with vaguely European lifestyle that delivers - although grudgingly - its resources to the West, against Chinese behemoth which will take limited resources away from the West. Shouldn't the Right be worried too.

This is from Independent.

Russia has the advantage of a formal if imperfect democratic system plus a post-Soviet civil society. This should mean that high commodity prices lead to improved infrastructure and the diffusion of prosperity. It is easy to be cautiously optimistic about Russia's prospects.

China is more complex. Over the millennia, the Chinese have mastered every art, except politics. The current regime lacks legitimacy. The rulers are afraid of the ruled. At some stage, this will have to change. Will there be a careful transition guided by a statesman of genius so that the inevitable turbulence never breaks out of control? Or will there be breakdown, with hideous consequences? There are no guarantees.

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Riri said...

The West is hilarious. Why do they bother?! Seriously! They should get a leaf from Islam's book! To every people there is a time allocated. Imean what do they expect other than what many others have gone through before them? Silly Billy.