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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year

You have to excuse me on the account of my absence, since I was travelling around UK with no access to internet. My blogging pages were empty and sickle and plow were left to rot on the side of the road, whilst harvest of thoughts was demanding to be taken. My friends on the other hand have been prolific.

Since there is only one Universal holiday, that is for better or worse accepted by majority of Humanity, I have no other mission in this post but congratulate a reader, whoever he may be, with this great achievement. Somehow we - all of us - limped towards the final deadline, somehow - despite our age - we managed to cling to a cliff and deliver a final blow to year 2007. Decisions have been made, others have been postponed - things have changed, but changed not enough. It was a year like any other, moving from beginning to the end. I like the fact that we, humans divide Time into understandable chunks of which a year is one convenient largest block. Time, in fact, flows continiuosly and does not require our definitions - in universal vision Time is just another dimension and can be understood as one entity which does not require

Coming back to the purpose of this post I have to admit that I do need time to flow. I need to know where it starts and where it ends. The chunk for 2007 ends today. Happy New Year!


Riri said...

Yes, I don't understand the fuss about New Year myself, what is so special about it? It's a relative concept. But HAPPY NEW YEAR all the same, as you say, it is a good excuse to have a holiday.

NoolaBeulah said...

I suppose there's nothing special about it, unless you make it so. I don't, but lots of people do. I used to feel guilty for not joining in the fun, but I don't like loud music, shouting or getting drunk, so I exclude myself. And I don't feel guilty any more.