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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bliss of Perfection - Gift of Eid

This is a poem of great and wise Fuzuli, who from centuries past addesses our love to Creator. On his day of Celebration I want to give you a present of his beatiful verse. Fuzuli is credited with some fifteen works in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish, both in verse and prose. Although his greatest significance is undoubtedly as a Turkish poet, he is also of importance to Persian literature thanks to his original works in that language (indeed, Persian was the language he preferred for his Shi'ite religious poetry); his Turkish adaptations or translations of Persian works; and the inspiration he derived from Persian models for his Turkish works.
... The fundamental gesture of Fozuli's poetry is inclusiveness. It links Azeri, Turkmen and Ottoman (Rumi) poetry, east and west; it also bridges the religious divide between Shiism and Sunnism. Generations of Ottoman poets admired and wrote responses to his poetry; no contemporary canon can bypass him.

O THOU Perfect Being, Source whence wisdom’s mysteries arise
Things, the issue of Thine essence, show wherein Thy nature lies.
Manifester of all wisdom, Thou art
He whose pen of might Hath with rays of stars illumined
yonder gleaming page, the skies.
That a happy star, indeed, the essence clear of whose bright self
Truly knoweth how the blessings from Thy word that flow to prize.
But a jewel flawed I am indeed, alas, for ever stand I am
Blank the page of my heart’s journal from Thy writing wise.
In this journal of my actions Evil’s lines are black indeed ;
When I think of Day of Gathering’s terrors, blood flows from my eyes.
Gathering of my tears will form a torrent on the Reckoning Day,
If the pearls, my tears, rejecting, He but view them to despise :
Pearls my tears are, O FUZULI, from the ocean of Deep Love ;
But they’re pearls - they are!, oh! most surely, that Love of Allah buys!

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