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Monday, September 10, 2007

Israeli Neo-Nazi Ring

One would say: shoking, beyond belief for the land of Holocaust survivors. But something I remember from Baku tells me that in Russia the situation was probably the same, resulting in mass and unchecked immigration from Russian xenophobic heartland. My friend, who best should stay unnamed, falsified documents to work for Sohnut Jewish agency back in 1996. It cost then less than $200 and was probably less than $1000 for "repatriation". Another acquaintance, an Azeri Muslim, lived in Israel illegally since 1997, under Jewish surname (no, I don't know of his whereabouts now). I for one could never understand, reasons for immigrating to Israel for someone who is not Jewish, either by blood, religion or even by ideology. What would he gain, beyond possible, but not necessarily obtainable position in society and a job, probably low skilled one. But nevertheless takers were many, money exchanged hands and false certificates flied about. I resisted, but could have become an Israeli...

Read this story form in The Guardian
Police in Israel have uncovered a neo-Nazi ring which was responsible for
vandalising synagogues and carrying out attacks on Jews and foreign workers in
Israel, a court was told yesterday.

The group of eight Russian immigrants aged between 18 and 21 appeared
in court following an 18-month investigation into attacks on two synagogues in
which swastikas were painted on the walls of the buildings. The men covered
their heads with their shirts during the hearing, revealing arms tattooed with
Nazi imagery.

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