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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Atlas shelved

When I saw “Fountanhead” the movie, it did not as was expected from one of the candidate “Übermensch”, arise agreement; it bred rejection. The biggest problem that we encounter with philosophy of Ayn Rand is her and her heirs’ lack of compassion for a fellow human. Objectivism and moral relativism - and its offshoots - are on opposite sides of an unbridgeable moral and ethical gap – a gap of emotion, feeling and of reason. A race of supermen is what she strives for, but supermen not concerned with helping a human out of the selfless duty and sacrifice, but only as a by-product of their actions – a major distinction to me. An idea of a breed of supermen who loudly proclaims its moral superiority over majority of humans is truly an abominable philosophy for me and for any decent human being.

Good intentions usually pave a way to Hell, and as such, the meritocracy of spirit is a good concept. But those who spread these is positive ideas are idealistic bunch, and are committed to make many changes in the life they see unfit for an ideal human existence.

But the subtle distinction between a Nietzschean concept of contempt and indifference and active Randian participation in society makes the joke ugly. Today, just like in the times of the old, where objectivists were engaged into fore-front of ideological fight with communisim, they are fighting for the Western individualism in its poorest form.

In the worlds of the Ayn Rand institute:

Until the West asserts its moral right to exist and superiority of the rest of
the world, we will not be safe from Islamic totalitarianism.
Moral certainty of the West means uncompromising war of total annihilation with its enemy, as it is not prepared to surrender (and why should it, as it does not recognize such superiority, and instead holds its own). Little do the objectivists know that in doing so, their society will move away from the ideals they hold so dear into frightful world of subjugation oppression and suspicion, for such is the fate of all revolutions.

Humility, patience, faith and self-sacrifice are not qualities to be avoided but they are what moderates human beings through life, and prevents them from becoming anti-social intellectual machines.

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