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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Welcome Visitor!

Here is me and my foto. I am from a country of Azerbaijan a beautiful country, full of differing landscapes, oil fields and love that fed and nurtured me so I become what my land is - a mass of contradictions

From here onwards I will try to put my thoughts onto virtual paper of a blog and we shall see how this goes . My thoughts are many but the subjects are few- those that bother me and you, my fellow traveller.

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Anonymous said...

Hi... I was looking at Wikipedia and came to one comment "After several years with Rumi, Shams vanished from the pages of history quite suddenly. Although it is not known what became of him after his departure from Rumi, his gravesite is in a remote region of the Karakorams in Northern Pakistan at a place called Ziarat not far from the village of Shimshall." In the history... it mentioned your name...

I am really interested in the original reference for this comment... please e-mail me at

Thank you